5 Must Listen Podcasts for Network Marketers

Every major MLM trainer always says to work on yourself. They say to read books, listen to audios, and go to live trainings.


They are right – we should always be working on our mindset. You can call it mindset insurance because there will be plenty of times when your mind will wonder off which will not serve you when you are trying to achieve your goals.



One of the easiest ways to work on your mindset that I have found is listening to podcasts. They are audio programs that people create that you can subscribe to and listen anytime you want.


Here are my favorite five:


Eric Worre – Network Marketing Pro

– Eric is the Godfather of Network Marketing. He has a wealth of knowledge that he has been sharing via his videos and podcasts. Eric's podcast are usually around 5 minutes which is great for a person with ADD/ADHD like me.


Ray Higdon's Podcasts

– Ray has become one of the most thought after trainer in our space. The guy went from having his home in foreclosure to making 7 figures in the industry. His podcasts are usually around 10 minutes and he likes to answer questions.


MLM Nation

– Simon Chen interviews top earners from different network marketing companies so they can share their stories with us and provide us with some really good tips. Simon's favorite question is, “If you had to start over again what would you do?”


MLSP Wake Up Call

– Brian Fanale has been hosting top industry leaders for years on the My Lead System Pro wake up calls. They are at 11 AM ET from Monday through Friday but don't worry because you can listen to the podcast any time if the time doesn't work for you.


Mike Dillard’s Self-Made Man

– Mike Dillard introduced the MLM world to attraction marketing when he published Magnetic Sponsoring. Mike interviews famous authors and business leaders. It's amazing what you can find out on his podcasts.


These are incredible podcasts that will keep your mind in the game. One of the coolest things about podcasts is that they are free. So if you are just getting started in network marketing or a home business then you can afford to listen to podcasts.


Here are a couple of bonuses:


Tony Robbins

– The number ONE Business and Life Strategist. If you want to see him in action then check out the documentary on Netflix called Tony Robbins: I'm Not Your Guru. Be warned: you will cry.


I Love Marketing

– Dean Jackson and Joe Polish have been having killer conversations about marketing and now you can listen in on their podcasts.


You don’t have to invest any money to start working on your mindset.

Content Creation: 6 Types of Value Content

When people start an online business or try to brand themselves online they have a hard time writing content for their audience. Here are six type of value content that you can start using right away.

content creation1. Information

Information content is simply when you are telling or giving away information about something.

It is as simple are letting people know that a new restaurant just opened up. You can also share general information about a business or a product so people know it’s out there.

2. Education

Education content is probably the most common type because people are always searching for solutions to their problems. So the easiest way to create content is to show someone how to do something.

Think about the problems in your field and then pick a solution. You can write a blog post, do a video or even a webinar to help people deal with that problem.

You can also use the information you have learned and teach it to other people through an article or blog post.

3. Inspiration

Inspiration type content is probably the most common we see on our newsfeeds in the form of memes with great quotes.

You can use stories about great achievements or about overcoming difficulties. People love to read and hear great stories so they can feel like they can do it. So share the stories of your friends have done something great or overcome major hurdles.

4. Entertainment

People love to be entertained and that is why they spend a lot of time on social media. People do go to facebook to buy; they go there to be entertained. So you can catch people’s attention with great entertaining content.

5. Connection

Connection content is when you let your followers and subscribers know more about you. You can share something that is going on with you and how you are dealing with it.
This is also a perfect opportunity to engage with your followers by asking them questions. They can leave messages on your blog or comment on your posts.

6. Promotion

Yes – you can produce great content promoting something and asking for a sale. It’s okay as long as you have been giving value to your list.

Also you could be providing them with something that will help them. So it is truly okay to sell something. This freaks people out for some reason which puzzles me since they are in a home business.

You have to ask for the same; don’t forget that. If what you offer has great value then it's perfectly okay.

You can mix any of these types of content together too. The more you create content the more creative opportunities you will have to connect with your audience. One thing that you have to remember is to always be you. Don’t try to write like a famous author; just be you.

How To Generate Leads For Network Marketing Online

Marketers need to learn how to generate leads for network marketing online. So you just joined an opportunity and called everyone in your contacts to let them know about your business and you didn’t get much of response.


How To Generate Leads For Network MarketingNow you are wondering how to generate leads for network marketing.


Well the first thing is that you have to learn how to generate your own leads. This can be extremely overwhelming for most people because they have no idea on how to do it. So I’m going to keep this as simple as I can and only talk about how to generate network marketing leads free online.


Online Networking


This is by far the way to go to to generate the best network marketing leads. Whether you are online or offline you have to get people to know, trust and like you. This is the best way to do all three because you are going to develop a relationship.


You can create a newsletter and ask people in the home business industry to join your list. Do not try to sell about your opportunity. All you have to do is concentrate on giving them value and find out their problems.




I strongly advise you to have your own blog. This will be your hub for all of your marketing. It does not have to be an incredible expensive blog. You can get started pretty cheap. You can generate lots of leads with your blog over time by continuing adding valuable content to your blog.


Then slowly start to put ads in your blogs to products that will solve some of the problems your audience is experiencing.  




You should be doing videos. Youtube is the second most popular search engine so they ain’t going away any time soon. When people want to learn how to do something they will go to Youtube and not Google to find out how to do it.


So here is GIANT TIP on How To Generate Leads For Network Marketing – Start creating how to video’s so you can generate leads.


Another cool aspect of videos is that you can use them on multiple sites. So you can uploaded to YouTube and also Facebook. Plus there are many other videos sites that you can use for a little SEO help to your video but that’s a complete training by itself.


Recently I’ve noticed that viral videos are generating more views on Facebook than they are on YouTube so you have to take Facebook seriously when doing videos. Also distributing videos is a great network marketing leads generation technique.




New marketers  forget about Twitter they see their colleagues generating network marketing leads online through Facebook posting ads or the way most people do it by pretty much shouting out their new opportunity.


You can see something on Twitter that you cannot see on Facebook. If you to someone’s profile on twitter you can see the people and they are following and more importantly the people that are following them.


Did you catch that incredible nugget?


You can actually see the people who are following someone. What could you do with that list I wonder?


Well if you to someone very famous in our industry like Eric Worre or Dani Johnson then you start to follow the people that are following them. A good percentage of these people are going to follow you back.


Then you can start to build a relationship with them. Direct messaging works pretty well in Twitter. Plus people who are into Twitter are really into it. Can you believe that some people don’t like Facebook much? Well a lot of these people are hanging out on Twitter.


Posting in Facebook Groups


This works and the leads are not great. You can consider these very cold and it still works. It takes consistency to make it work right.


Most people post in home business groups make post with incredible claims that you are going to make a gazzillion dollars. They are thinking about themselves. So you can do better.


You can start posting your great content or great training that will help people with their businesses. You’ll be helping all those knuckleheads spamming their crappy opportunities.


These are just a few of the free techniques so you can learn how to generate leads for network marketing. I must warn you though – do not try to do them all at once. I know a lot of people suffer from MLM desperation and try everything. So my biggest tip to you is master just one of these.




Pick one and let me know by making a comment below or sending me an email. I will point to the best resources I have so you can start kicking some butt in your business.


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Jose Seminario

PS – If you any of these techniques interest you Ray Higdon recently did a webinar that blew me away. I took about EIGHT pages of notes because it was packed with helpful information that I'm already using in my business. I think that you might get something out of it.

If you would like to see it CLICK HERE!


Thank you for reading How To Generate Leads For Network Marketing Online

Ray Higdon Says…

Last night Ray Higdon put on another incredible webinar and I was fortunate enough to attend.

Ray-Higdon-suit He gave us some incredible nuggets that I'm going to share with you.

Nugget Number 1 – Don't post your MLM all over social media like you see most people doing.

People do not get on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to buy anything. They go to these sites to be entertained (while slacking off at work).

Think about it. Why do you get on social media? It's to be entertained and see what's going on with your friends. I personally enjoy seen the funny political meme's making fun of the candidates.

Now on the other hand when you want to buy something do you go to Facebook? Most likely NOT!

When I want to buy something the first url I type in is Amazon.com. If I can't find what I'm looking for then I will Google it.

Also when people see that you are posting a specific company all over Facebook the first thing that they will do is Google the company name.


They will see a lot of negative junk about your company that is most likely not true. People do not have to join your company to write a bad review or post a fictitious complaint.

You don't believe me? Just Google any Network Marketing Company and you will see some kind of negativity come up. It will even come up when you type the company name in the search box – you will see something like company name SCAM!

You want to raise curiosity instead of resistance.

Nugget Number 2 – Massive Prospecting

When Ray first started he set a goal for himself of getting 20 NO's every single day. You see he had no choice because his house was in foreclosure and he had no money. So within a few short months he was climbing the top ranks of his company.

When ever he came across another network marketer that would say no he would ask, “How re you doing with generating leads online?”

Most people would say no so he would send them to a presentation where they could begin to learn how to get leads online. This way he would begin to help other people in the industry and possibly make some commission sales along the way.

Nugget Number 3 – PS Lines On Your Blog Posts

Ray says that he has been able to generate a lot of sales by adding a call to action in a PS line at the end of his blog posts. A call to action or CTA is when you tell your reader what you would like them to do next.

I'm pretty sure that you have responded to many calls to action because you are a human being. I know I have specially if what I have gotten has been of great value. Think about it for a sec – usually when you have gotten something that you really enjoyed or it was something extremely helpful you usually wanted more like most people.

This a very powerful and effective marketing technique that works really well when done with great value.

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PS – Last night's webinar was packed with so much value that this blog post cannot do it justice. So I've decided to share it with you so you can get the most out of Ray's incredible information. Just click below to watch the webinar.

Total recruiting Mastery


How To Make Videos For Your Network Marketing Business

Are you using videos for you network marketing business?

Most people are afraid to get in front of the camera and I was one of them. Until one day I just went for it.

I was very self conscious and continue to be. BUT I don't let that stop.


So let me break it down for you into 4 easy steps.

STEP 1 – Introduction

Simply state your name and your website. I like to add where I'm from so people can relate a little more to me. They'll get a mental picture of where I'm at. Hopefully they passed geography.

STEP 2 – Ask a question

This is a great little way to let your viewer know what you will be talking about.

Would you like to know how to do some quick videos for your business?

Look to see what problems people are having in your industry and ask a question about the problem.

STEP 3 – Give them great quality content that will be helpful

This is where I break down these steps in the video so you can make your own videos.

Here you can tell them about a solution to their problems. Try to be as giving as you can and give them the best possible content that you can give your viewer.

STEP 4 – Call To Action (CTA)

Here is where you tell your viewer what you would like them to do. I have to admit that I need to get better at this.

You can ask them to like your video, subscribe to your channel or click the link in your description. What ever you want them to do. Just remember to be confident so they will do what you ask.

Video Marketing is HIUGGEE (Trump style LOL) and very effective.

If you would like to know more about doing YouTube Videos then click HERE.

Turn Your Negative Thoughts Into A Positive Reality

Why do most people struggle in life and why do people struggle with their home businesses?

AffirmationsIt's simple – it's their negative thoughts about themselves.

Trust me YOU have those thoughts. Seriously YOU DO.

It's that little voice inside your head right now telling you that I don't know what I'm talking about. It's the little voice that is lying to you all of the time. Yet you believe that it is true!

Well let me tell – it is not true. It's all made up and it doesn't do you justice.

I'm trying to help you recognize those thought so you can do something about them and make your mind work for you.

I know about this because once I have changed the way I think about a person or situation then things change immediately. You just have to be willing to give up what ever negative energy you are holding on to.

The problem is that most people assume that their negative thoughts are normal so they do not think there is a problem. You are not wrong or a bad person for having negative thoughts. You see as human beings we are wired to give meaning to everything and as we grow older we lean towards the negative meanings specially when it comes to ourselves.

So when you set a goal like reaching a new rank level in our company and you do not achieve it then you tend blame everything and put yourself down. The thing that you do not realize is that there is most likely a limiting belief that you have about yourself. You might have created these beliefs as early as three or four years old.

Today you can do something about those limiting beliefs. You can start to change them so your thoughts will start working for you instead of against you.


Make a List of your Limiting Beliefs.

I'm not good enough.

I'm not a leader.

I will never reach any ranks in my company.

I'm not a good as they are.



Create Powerful Affirmations

I have as much brightness to offer the world as the next person

I am so happy and grateful that I am the leader people are looking to follow.

I am so happy and grateful that I reached the top rank level in my Network Marketing Company.

I choose to see the light that I am to this world.

Spend at least 20 minutes a day doing personal development such as meditation and going over your affirmations. Make sure that you feel your affirmations. Someone said it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to change your life.

Make a plan to create this new habit so you can keep those negative thoughts in check. Do it long enough and it will change your life.